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Borderless Messaging

Borderless Messaging is another unique e-service from WebViews’ portfolio of Language Transparent Operating Environment (LTOE)™ Services and Solutions.  

Borderless Messaging (BMail™) Services provide subscriber based multi-lingual and trans-lingual language- transparent e-mail based messaging services. BMail™ allows both business users and individual subscribers to send and receive e-messages in their own language, while their correspondents receive and send e-messages in their own preferred languages! This effectively removes barriers of language from day-to-day business requirements of e-mail users.

Borderless Messaging Services enable subscribers to create, send and receive multilingual e-mails. Subscribers have the choice of selecting a host of service types when they subscribe to Borderless Messaging Services. Subscribers have the option of selecting service types including 'Outgoing Services' and 'Incoming Services' and Service Quality Level available in automatic, or edited and fully translated. Subscribers may also select service delivery type including 'regular delivery', 'scheduled delivery', or 'guaranteed delivery'. In addition the subscriber can select the inclusion or exclusion of attachments as part of their e-mail services.

WebViews BMail™ Programs cover most of the worlds language pairs including Western, Northern. Eastern European Languages, Asian languages and Middle Eastern Languages.